A quick Google search indicates that 0bb4: See full activity log. Matt Zimmerman mdz on Changed in media-player-info Ubuntu: Are you a developer? I fixed that in upstream git: I just did this and it connected right up.

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Jason’s livejournal post says not to do it that way Update 0c022 On Thu, at Anyway I marked back to Confirmed before because the package released din’t fix this bug.

The USB ID Repository

Running under Vista32bit though, adb only works when I have Eclipse running. The code 0bh4 the Ubuntu’s package is not fully compatible with the last upstream’s code and this patch so I’ve made also a patch for the Ubuntu’s package’s code at the branch: Actually the bug has been fixed just for the smartphone G1, but not for the rest. Daniel Sargeant dsargeant wrote on My environments are Debian sid 2. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.


It was fixed just for a single phone’s model and the Description asking about a more generic solution. Perla, the problem is probably not in your udev rule. Martin, I agree with you about not to do it by vendors, but It’d be nice if as long the bug is for android phones, not just for the N1 we put the rule also for more phones. Duplicates of this bug Bug Comment on this change optional.

I still don’t understand where is the problem. There are a lot of new smartphones that are affected by this issue. Endolith endolith wrote on It didn’t work when I tested it, though. Mats Bengtsson matsbengtsson wrote on All of this is broken on the latest versions of various parts as hal is in the process of being aggressively purged from 0bn4 newest distros.

Android Device Inventory

Cyril Jaquier cyril-jaquier wrote on I’ve tried to connect also a nokia and it worked. I attach the output of “udevadm info” for the device.

It requires a udev rule to set the correct permissions, as described at:. No luck using adb to get a shell on my phone. This requires us to reshuffle the media-player-info rules a bit, but this should be feasible.


Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. Thread Deleted Email Thread. It was only after I added [2] that it did work. Also, I doubt that raw device access is of much use on phones which do not have the ADB equivalent.

Samsung USB hard disks.

As you said, most of then 0x02 already there as music players Found a compiled version of adb with the fix highlighted on code. There’s also the fact that this bug is not about making it possible to use adb with G1 phones but rather make it possible to use adb with any android phone. Changed in udev Ubuntu: