I added calculated columns to the right of the main data that forced the datatypes of the data to the left. It samples the 1st 8 rows and determines datatypes from that sample. It may help you. You can’t send private messages. For this purpose I have imported the files into the analysis. Sign up using Facebook.

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No work was done.

I did not find a pattern. Import an image from a 0x800400e21. OK here is some help. Even if this worked I had no idea about the speed or stability.

Post as a guest Name. Send an image from a file of your disk. The only difference between these problematic files and files which convert OK is the number of fields in the file definition – they have more fileds but less than You can’t delete other topics.

NI TestStand

Site Owners Posted 12 years ago Note – this worked within a VBScript import of Excel data. Today the application is still maintained in Clarion. odbv


The funny thing was that it worked on some files, but no not others. You can’t post JavaScript. My number columns are eight-byte signed integers, single-byte unsigned integers or two-byte signed integers. I have some date columns and these are all database timestamp.

PCSoft support did not even answer to my questions. Unthreaded, ascending Unthreaded, descending.

Verify that the column metadata is valid. As we all know, it is tricky changing data types in SSIS so I found it easier to force the datatypes to be correct in the odb excel. You can’t vote in polls. Thanks for the answer vvido, but i didn’t found solution to my problem, but I can saw a pattern, if your table have 20 field o odc, the driver work fine, but if you exceed 20 field, it fail.

It depends how much time you are willing to waste I think. Response posted on the “microsoft. You can’t post IFCode.

error 0xE21 “Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors”

Keep up to date – daily newsletter:. Only topics All the messages. Phil Parkin Posted 9 years ago Help us to help you. I hope I have not posted this twice That darn short term memory loss Here may an answer lye Go to osbc repository and download the Clarion Connection. You can’t post new polls.


mysql – Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error – Stack Overflow

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