Both alternatives of the experiment confirmed the positive influence of plunger velocity and intensification pressure increase on the improvement of castability, the measure of the latter being the filled length of the impression. Full Text Available Of great importance in the selection of materials for cast structures is keeping a proper balance between the mechanical and plastic properties, while preserving the relevant casting properties. The predicted lives for the specimens with different sizes of pores are consistent with the experimental data. Full Text Available Al-Si-Cu alloys are the most widely used materials for high-pressure die casting processes. The refinement of the weld metal grain structure may lead to a significant change in its mechanical properties and in the weldability of the base metal. Structure, mechanical properties and computer simulations were investigated.

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Refinement of the grain size to the nanometre scale brings about a significant increase in the mechanical strength of the materials because of the increased number of grain boundaries which act as obstacles to sliding dislocations. The advantages and disadvantages of the joining methods, laser beam welding and friction stir welding, are also discussed.

After age-hardening they often possess tensile strengths of more than MPa. Chromate based conversion coating processes are extremely good for these purposes, however the carcinogenic and toxic nature of hexavalent chromium led to the search for more benign and eco One of the important aa357 affected by the casting technique is the cooling rate which is well known to strongly restrict the microstructure.

Precipitate strengthening of nanostructured aluminium alloy. So, it is highly imperative to develop other alternatives for chrome conversion coatings. Hardness of the treated alloys with those ones subjected to corrosion process were compared.


They belong to conventional metallurgy or to powder metallurgy with sintering and extrusion.

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The temperature variation with time of the casting was recorded from which cooling curves were obtained for the determination of solidification time of the cast. Mechanical properties of spray deposited and extruded 7xxx series aluminium alloys were investigated in peak aged condition. Need Help Finding Missing Drivers for.

The experimental means involved in this work are as well microscopic TEM, microhardness, image analysismechanical LCF and aniso-thermal tests, macro-hardness and numerical simulation of the stability of the hardening phases, behaviour and damage model identification, cylinder-head life time calculation.

The results from laboratory analyses showed that cast alloys tend to concentrate in the a3357 fractions and therefore are better recovered in bottom ash treatment plants. Full Text Available This study applies the Taguchi method to investigate the relationship between the ultimate tensile strength, hardness and process variables in a squeeze casting A wrought aluminium alloy.

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These new characteristics are explained by the fine dispersion of the UAl 2 particles in uranium. Tweet Share Share Share Share.

One is based on the Shercliff-Ashby methodology to produce a process model, by which we mean a mathematical relationship between process variables alloy composition, ageing temperature and time and material properties yield strength or hardness through microstructure evolution precipitate radius, volume fraction.

Miami nights mobile game download x Relationship between casting modulus and grain size in cast A aluminium alloys. To evaluate the influence of the different aluminium foams and injection parameters on the final casting products quality, the type and density of the aluminium foam, metal temperature, a57 speed, and multiplication pressure have been varied within a range of suitable values.


If unacceptable defects are already detected in one radioscopic image, then the sample can be rejected and 3D tomography is useless.

This oxide film can further be converted or transformed The properties which more than others have been shown to influence the welding process is its high reflection, high thermal conductivity, lo A casting made for an auxiliary power unit assembly. There have been important recent advances in aluminium aircraft alloys that can effectively compete with modern composite materials.

Evaluation of surface chemical segregation of semi-solid cast aluminium alloy A These flawed tunnel squares dictate the tunnelling corrosion morphology as well as appearing to have an affect on the arrangement and sizes of the precipitation hardening particles. Hot working of Al—Zn alloy is easier.

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The chemical yield is determined by activation in an isotopic neutron source. The importance of grain refining of these alloys and parameters affecting x357 are presented and discussed. The Computer Paper – Ontario Edition.

Full Text Available The usage of aluminium and its alloys have increased in many applications and industries over the decades. In addition, preliminary work indicates that the alloy with the FeAl – VC or TiC structure reveals high oxidation resistance.

Recent developments in advanced aircraft aluminium alloys.