Table Of Contents Design and ergonomics Performing A Hard Reset F i r s t t h i n g s f i r s t Taking care of your Acer n20 Performing a hard reset A hard reset will erase all records and entries stored in your handheld. Record the serial number, purchase date, and place of purchase information in the space provided below. Status Bar 6 U s i n g t h i r d – p a r t y a p p l i c a t i o n s PocketTV Enterprise Edition Status bar Shows time information estimated time elapsed, estimated total play time , fps indicator actual frames-per-second and bit-rate indicator. Finding And Organising Information Finding and organising information Use the Find function and the File Explorer window to search for specific files and manage your files easily. The ‘New Partnership’ setup wizard will automatically start on your computer screen. Tools Menu Tools menu Includes the following commands:

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To print the manual completely, please, download it. Using acdr expansion sleeve Both the CompactFlash and PC Card slots are flexible expansion features that allow you to use a wide range of peripheral devices with your handheld.

Bottom view Preparing to use your Acer n20 Perform first the following easy setup tasks to begin using your handheld: Don’t show me this message again. Select a source storage card default: The Security setting gives you the option of assigning a lock password that will be required to access your handheld after a set period of inactivity.


Acer n20 PDA

Some sample books and a dictionary are included in the MSReader folder. Do not remove the battery pack for more than 30 minutes, unless you intend to use the expansion sleeve, otherwise you risk losing all data on the internal memory of your handheld.

Inserting A Pc Card 7 U s i n g e x p a n s i o n f e a t u r e s Expansion sleeve Push the card into the slot using your finger until you feel the card lock. Write the cross of the “t” and apostrophes below acre top line so that they are not confused with the word above. N200 the stylus off the button so that the command is not carried out.

ACER N20 MANUAL Pdf Download.

If you want to specify a different folder in which aceer save the screen-capture file, tap the Change A message confirming deletion will appear. Page 12 To use Block Recognizer If a word is not recognized, it is left as writing.

Ia Album Le From the pop-up menu, tap Delete. Customising Your Handheld handheld You can customise your handheld based on your personal requirements and preferences as well as depending on your usual work modes.

Tap the Connections tab, then the Networks Adapter icon. You can add text after inserting a My Text message before b20 it.

How to Hard Reset my phone – ACER n20 –

Transcriber is available only for the English and European Acer n20 models. For HEX keys, when you enter an out-of-range character, you will be prompted to enter the correct character.


Select the sort order for the list. To quickly find information aceer is taking up storage space on your handheld, select Larger than 64 KB in Type.

Thumbnail View Switch to Thumbnail view by selecting Thumbnail View from the View menu, or by tapping its icon on the toolbar. Tools menu Includes the following commands: Subsequent strokes in or touching the drawing box become part of the drawing.

Page 37 tap Recognize on the pop-up menu. Remove Programs 1 1 C u s t o m i s i n g y o u r h a n d h e l d Adjusting handheld settings Remove Programs Remove programs from storage memory. When operating under the Getting Connected IR-enabled device. Refer to the Acer n20 Handheld Companion CD for additional programs that you can install into your handheld. Slide to lock all buttons from being accidentally pressed when handheld is placed in pocket or in a bag.

The ‘New Partnership’ setup wizard will automatically start on your computer screen. If a locked file is encountered during restore, a warning message will pop up. Memory Stick from the ‘Restore from’ radio buttons. Removing a CompactFlash card Hold your handheld securely.