You can take apply the PhotoGenie processing to acquired images using any of these modalities. Conclusion The Agfa ePhoto is a well-designed and flexible digital camera, with image quality and resolution at the top of the field as of this writing December, Please try your search again later. Operation and User Interface We mentioned the ‘s unique “EasyPilot” user-interface control earlier: I like the swivel feature on this camera but wish some of the newer ones had this as well. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. CCD resolution with low compression x pixels setting:

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This is very convenient when you want to quickly move through the images in the camera, without resulting to the multi-thumbnail display.

Don’t get us wrong though: Setting exposure priority on the means that the camera tells it’s internal processor to “look at me first”. A better speed for taking a picture of a posed person.

Agfa ePhoto 1680 – Digital Camera

On both platforms, QuickLink always applies the PhotoGenie technology, regardless agaf the original capture mode. I have done photos of the kids and they came out just as good as if I went to Sears or any of those other photo places. Rest assured we’ll make appropriate note of and give due credit to any such devices when they appear! These are stated as average times, and agreed well with our own measurements. We regrettably did not have an opportunity to test this feature, because our studio lighting equipment is all special low-IR, daylight-balanced incandescent, for the sake of compatibility with non flash-capable cameras.

Shutter Lag Time We’ve recently begun measuring shutter-release delay times on digital cameras, since this is an often-overlooked parameter that significantly affects camera usage.


In addition, ephkto software can be used to output prints of at least 8″ x 10″ 20cm x 25cm on any photo-quality ink-jet printer. Through use of artificial intelligence techniques, Agfa’s PhotoGenie removes image artifacts, such as those from JPEG compression, pixelation, jagged edges, and pasteurization, which are common in digitally captured images.

In addition, ePhoto includes a superior 2-inch high-resolution color LCD screen, providing ephkto images for framing or playing back shots under any light conditions. Despite the ‘s welcome conservatism in its use of the available tonal range, its colors were quite bright and clean.

We’ve vacillated a bit as to how useful digital zoom is, as compared to true optical zoom lenses. If you see the warning symbol, you can redo your priority settings accordingly. The sole weakness we observed was a tendency toward under-saturation in greens and yellows. PhotoGenie software allows pictures taken in either mode x pixels or mode x pixels can be digitally zoomed up to six times their normal size.

Agfa ePhoto MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

While still not as fast as a FlashPath adapter which took 12 seconds for the same file on the Mac, and about 10 seconds on a PCthis isn’t bad at all for serial-port data transfer. Get to Know Us. Ephoro MP Film Cameras. By contrast, in our studio shots, we felt that the manual white balance did an excellent job at avoiding the minor color casts that frequently creep into shots taken with automatic white balance enabled, due to variations in the overall target coloration.

This is a long kamsra though, well beyond most people’s ability to agfaa the camera steady enough to render a sharp image. The fastest speed you can set on the The following four settings are available: Once the batteries are charged, it automatically drops to a trickle-charge level, allowing cells to be left in it indefinitely, to maintain a topped-off condition.


That, and the fact dinital the time it takes to process a picture seconds means that you had better be pretty sure that the shot of Junior sliding into home base is the one that you want- you won’t get a second chance. Thus, if you want an “untouched” camera image, you can easily obtain one by either turning PhotoGenie off for mode images, or by using dijifal alternative import means such as a PC Card or FlashPath Floppy-Disk adapter to download the files directly.

When automatically selected, the chosen aperture value is not reported back to the user. On the other hand, we’d like some positive indication of the camera’s success or lack thereof in achieving focus.

Agfa EPhoto Camera Review –

With this feature, you can easily accommodate off-center subjects by turning to center them, locking the focus and kzmera, then turning back to frame the shot to your liking before firing the shutter. The flash provides four operating modes, including “red-eye” reduction, force fill, auto, and of course “off” for those situations in which you want the camera to just do its best with the light available.

CCD resolution with low compression x pixels setting: Wphoto Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. A Kid’s Review 5.