Go to best answer. The two points are connected over a wire for forming a signal-feeding direction. After that, the wireless signals are compared with sample signals for determining whether or not the test results are stable among the different testing system. The key recognition method includes the steps of: The first antenna layer includes a first radiating portion and a second radiating portion. For example, the target antenna can be used to scan for the channels specified in dynamic frequency selection. If the registration signal is received through one of the first base stations, service is provided to the mobile communication device through the first base station receiving the registration signal, and a first base station list, which includes information of the first base stations, is transmitted to the mobile communication device.

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Thus, even if the assembly tolerance between the plug connector and the socket connector is deviated, the force for plugging or unplugging the plug connector would not be too abnormal. The reference locations are correlated with the controlled device. The antenna body, disposed on the first surface relative to the ground terminal part, comprises a first extending part.

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The grounding layer is formed on the surface of the substrate. Taiwan, Province of China Inventor Yang, Yu-Shuang Chang, Yu-Hsin Abstract The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus to technlogy remove crosstalk, which can automatically determine and set the start frequency in the G.


The key recognition method includes the steps of: The second polygon radiation element is disposed in an opening of the second U-shaped radiation element. The micro-line unit includes a first terminal, a second terminal and a feeding point.

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Users may therefore access the peripheral device through the interface. The second radiating unit is technilogy to the first side of the first radiating unit.

The second planar inverted-F antenna includes a second radiation portion and a second ground portion. The second antenna layer includes a third radiating portion and a fourth radiating portion.

Go to best answer. The control channel allocation is an allocation that the mobile apparatus has to read when it is in power-saving mode and when it has to receive MBS data. The second temperature sensor may be turned on after the main circuit is turned on and then detect the environmental temperature. The first polygon radiation element is disposed in an opening of the first U-shaped radiation element.

The method is applicable to a local area network including multiple access points. The outdoor wireless modem is particularly disposed in the midst of and bridging a local-area network and a wide-area network established by a mobile communication network. The radiator rechnology in a first frequency band includes a feeding branch coupled to the signal transmitting unit for receiving a feeding signal.

A first separating slot exists technolpgy the radiating part and the feeding part.

The antenna structure includes a symmetrizing portion and two radiation portions. Moreover, the inverted-F antenna is further comprised of: A slot is formed among that horizontal plate and the two extending plates. One end of the first extending part forms a first connecting end. Gechnology feeding portion receives a feeding signal. The cavity is connected to the outer edge of the substrate through the gap.


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The first radiator has a portion with a width increasing gradually along the second direction. The substrate comprises a first surface gechnology a second surface.

The monopole antenna includes a main body, an extension part, a connection part, a signal feeding terminal, and a ground plane.

When a user uses the wireless bridging apparatus at a first time, the user cannot connect the wireless bridging apparatus to a wireless network through the terminal apparatus until key verification between the terminal apparatus and the wireless bridging apparatus has been conducted and passed.

The grounding portion includes a slot cavity and a grounding branch. Can I just block or delete it? The terminals are disposed at the supporting base, and connected to the circuit board. The technolkgy radiator straightly extends toward the second direction of the feeding point and the second direction’s projection on the first surface is vertical to the first direction.

While the data transmission procedure fails, the mobile device performs a data transmission recovery procedure with the backup base station immediately so as to coporation communicate with the backhaul network device via the backup base station.

The inductance element bridges the grounding layer and the connection portion.