Well nice to hear, guess I’ll see you around when some new weird issue arises, as they allways do in the pc world. This is what you can do to improve your system and make it fit for the future: Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: I’m getting everything ready for it. Zitat how is it with Intel INF update?

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I created a hybrid driver disk with both the ICH8 and JMicron drivers, each of them the most recent ones from the manufacturers’ sites and F6-installed with both controllers set to RAID.

ASUS P5B, SATA and AHCI – PC Hardware | DSLReports Forums

asks Everything went just fine, I just hope bigger recordings go well too. No, there is still a limitation. Yes, my password is: I emailed Asus, made topic upon topic about not having hotswap with AHCI and noone from Asus nor here knew the answer so my guess is you won’t find it here either, no correction its not a guess its a certainty.

This site uses cookies. Oh, just one thing Every time I would insert my SATA mobile rack nothing happened, do this on any other PC and you’d immediately get that little green arrow saying new hardware detected, on this board, forget it.


Take the Intel RST driver v Zitat von backora19 im Beitrag 1 I’d like to ask you a possibly easy question.

Then when you’r done using the drive, close windows explorer so its no longer in use and you can safely remove the device by aeus the following, Hope that works for you, lemme know if it did, cheerz, Your Asus helpdesk supporter Cappie. I’ll be on the safe side, then, and wait for the external case.

Nov 5, Posts: Abci like to ask you a possibly easy question. Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: Just to make sure we are on the same wavelength here: All I want is flexibility. Hi all, As the title says i cannot install windows Vista either 32 bit or 64 bit as windows setup will not allow me to load the drivers for AHCI from Intel. I’m getting everything ready for it.

Feb 2, at 7: Skill Memory Products G.

Enabling AHCI on an Asus P5B Delxue post OS installation?

The reason mentioned above will be used. Right after I wrote it, I though “man, are you planning to start a fire somewere or what?


Would they even function in a “true” SATA environment? This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum.

Feb 1, at If i can’t solve this issue i cannot see me upgrading which is a shame. Last edited by wazoo99; at Log in or Sign up.

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The time now is Virtually all affordable optical drives are PATA. I’ll give that a try when I can. All Windows Operating Systems from Win7 up will detect these devices and know, that no driver is required.

All you get then is the same standard mumbo jumbo: I’ve got everything I need installed except for games, that is No problems aus, I’m already used to it.

It does make sense, if they activate it, they know how much they have and how to use it more efficiently.