Scarlett 2i2 USB [ I have been using it for the last week and have had no problems with the device itself. The audioengine is currently running at Hz. Speaker out may work for you, but may overwhelm. Next, I’d like to talk about the steps I’ve taken to install it and make it work I’m using XP on a generic hardware platform:

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U-PHONO UFO202 Reviews

We encountered a problem while submitting your request. URB transfer length is wrong, xHC issue? I’m using Audacity to record each limux, then process the tracks and saving to mp3. As far as I know, the 2i2 has partially broken firmware making it not really USB audio class compliant device.

It works as advertised. Yet, this fixed level is well balanced and, from my Shure MeED phono cartridge, it has always swung around the dbFS. I have tried this with three Right, it’s now working and I have a selectable option to use the PCM input with volume slider, which works, in the “Recording” tab. Select all 0 [ALSA ]: These are unimportant details, and they don’t change the functional value of this product. Start the Audacity application and begin transferring all your precious memories from the good old vinyl discs!


I would definitely recommend it. Now I’m on Ubuntu Studio and it is working well. Audacity records and processes the music well with both OSX and Linux, though the Linux version sometimes uro202 trouble saving changes.

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LinuxMusicians creating music freely Skip to content. This is a bit surprising.

Are PCIe firewire cards generally supported or are they more hit-and-miss? Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: If I let the system boot, disconnect it and then reconnect it, it works fine. I have been using it for the last week and have had liunx problems with the device itself.

You may have to kludge your input. This makes me a little bit wondering!? Great way to convert my LPs to digital. No it doesn’t, only mic in and headphone sockets. Everything a phono preamp should be, PLUS, it has all the functionality of an external sound card, including line or phono in, internal microphone, volume adjustable headset patch, line out, and of course the usb interface.


Now, a small detail: The audioengine is currently running at Hz.

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What exact kernel versions are working with 2i2? For 30 bucks this usb card sounds amazing. Does just what I wanted. Nothing to capture audio from the inputs or anything else. If I unplug it.

As a result, the UFO gives some constant noise but cannot be controlled by the mixer. I’ve spent a couple of days looking for info on the web as I thought that this is probably not a PCLOS specific issue. I had to come off the line ouput on my console, not the tape outs.

My digital recordings were never over or under modulated. You Gotta Get This!