Our hours are 6 A. Menu and dialog box options, including buttons, appear in bold as depicted in the application. Databases added from the file system rather than the Alchemy Server are not under server control, and therefore do not have the server s security features or restrictions applied. Do you want to secure the entire database with a password? The Edit Data page appears. If installing Alchemy Server to a member server, the system administrator should add members from the Alchemy Server Administrator group to the local Power Users group to allow them to start and stop the Alchemy Server service.

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Enter the following into the appropriate fields: On the Transfer license page, click Close. When you undo a check out, any changes you made to the document are lost and the document is returned to its previous state before it was caltaris out.

On the Definition tab, complete the following as necessary: Legal Notice The information in this publication is furnished for information use only, and does not More information. To continue using your Alchemy product, you must purchase a permanent product license.

Help with Linked Server via ODBC

The Alchemy License Generator Web page appears. Document types allow you to save settings such as the scanner profile to use, where to store the scanned document, its output format, and the OCR template to apply. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Please include the following information with your feedback: Do you want to duplicate another database s properties? To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.


Choose Select account only captwris you are or will be using Alchemy integrated security or if your databases are located on a different computer than the Alchemy Server service. ProviderPro Network Administration Guide. Forward Click to return to the next document in the view history.

Remove the floppy disk from the target computer. File names and extensions appear in bold, e.

Alchemy Install & Licensing Guide

When you do not select this option, Alchemy Search users will have the option to turn off annotations. Items that were previously licensed remain selected when the License Selection page is closed and then re-opened. How large and odbbc are the files that will go into the database? All Rights Reserved Catalog No. Click OK to access the database. To upgrade version 7. When you receive your licensing email, enter the license number alcjemy the email into the License Number field on the Web Licensing Server dialog box for your Alchemy product and click Finish.

It interfaces with the Linux system to access More information.

Download Captaris IMR Alchemy ODBC Driver | Click For More.

Using the Alchemy License Manager ALMyou can activate a day trial license for evaluation copies of Alchemy products, permanently license your Alchemy products for first-time installations, update your existing product licenses, or transfer your existing licenses to another location on the same computer or to another computer.


Each of these panes is an independently functional component, but relates to and interacts with the other panes to display all needed information and provide a vast array of functions. Keep in mind, this email address is only for documentation feedback; you will not receive a reply. Ivanna Noh Posted 11 years ago This is a tip. Select File Open Database. You can’t post replies to polls.

Next and Previous functions for moving backward and odbcc through the list of items shown in the Tree View pane. Browse to the path where you stored the answer file and open the setup. We cannot be held liable More information. Alchemy s search engine is legendary for resolving index field and full text queries within seconds, regardless of the repository s size or the age of the documents.