I have a Asus Z97 deluxe with onboard wifi and dual lan. I switched the original chip which a Broadcom one. And I will search for your model, lets wait till i find any kext and patch for your model. I installed macOS Sierra Let me know model i might can help you. Here’s the screeshot drive.

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How am i supposed to make it work?

Is it working on Windows? I have installed macOS Sierra Hi man can you show me the link of one wifi usb adapter as you mentioned in your description. Do you know what is happening?

A Complete WiFi Solutions For HACKINTOSH (PCI/USB)

It works prefect with Hackintosh out of the box and supports Airdrop and AirPlay! Go to the same application and open audio and there u will find a fix with name CodecCommander may be it fixes all the usb ports aswell just a try!

Is there any ways to make it work on Hackintosh High Sierra? If your Broadcom is contac matching any of the Mackintoshes then it will run without any driver installation or kext installation.


Quick Release Rifle Scope Mount 25.4mm/30mm Cantilever Picatinny Weaver Dual Ring Rail Mounts

If this video didn’t helped then watch this one! Do I now need this utility to generate a kext? Can you help comhac Use Vietnam hackintosh tools to get your required Wifi Drivers.

Product Introduction

And I will search for 9008 model, lets wait till i find any kext and patch for your model. I have more problem in hackintosh.

Reinstall the WiFi utility and use kext utility to rebuild kext cache! In “Abot this Mac” it says Mediatek is manufacturer.

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Then Do comment below or post on my Facebook, Twitter page. I am not sure it is a kind of USB dongle or not, it will be great if you provide some amazon links, etc But there is a problem. For now, I have only one of the two lan working and bluetooth.

Which drive I have use? What device can you recommend? If its not then you need 980 install some kexts depending on its model. Can you get a PCI wifi card, it will be far more supportive and easy to get running.


This will make your Wifi as the domtac device to connect and others devices will be on stand by until your Wlan is not off.

Hmmm it never happened with me, but u can try replugging it or u can try to use the audio kext fix for your wireless usb. Thanks a lot for your answering!

Hi sir I am planning to cmtac a wireless mouse it will support my hackintosh or not I need to install any driver for the mouse.

TechTies Ibrahim contac, it will be easier, and I know this, but question was about this device. I have a Asus Z97 deluxe with onboard wifi and dual lan. I installed tp-link archerT9E.

What should I do? Let me know model i might can help you. Hey Ibrahim can you please help me get the driver for RT Thank you.