Everything I liked about my system still involved c4. I thought of it, but unfortunately by builder kyboshed it. User profiles can restrict access to certain devices, if required, or different user interfaces can be displayed for different users. Crestron can even talk to the security system so setting the alarm automatically closes the home down and unsetting performs certain events dependent on the time of day. Individually wiring these lamps to a digital dimmer allows you to set scenes, for example:. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. For example, if when I press the button, with the same delay and function C4 turns the light on and so does Casetta, then who cares?

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Verify that the RadioRa Link under Connections has been made between this driver and the main driver. Projects tend to be more costly than a Control4 system but have much more flexibility and scalability. As stated in the thread, there’s nothing that works as control44 with C4 as C4 gear does. We never used c4 to lutrob music, only to watch TV and movies and use the matrix with my video matrix for distribution.

Control of the home via an iPad allows lighting control whether home or away. Not even the c4 interface. I’m just tired of seeing all of these new things at th the cost that are pushing the envelope.

A few other installer friends are trying to convince me to go URC. Sign in Register Email. I installed my systems 3 of them Over 10 years, my systems have worked awesome. But if everything else remains the same, in a real world test, and the only reason is just symmetry and “because, it does” I love the Plex tie in for my home theater and the lighting control of it most of my favorite things are chowmein though, lutrkn necessarily c4.


As the liaison between Lutron and Control4, HouseLogix assisted in the certification process luton even attended an early CES tradeshow with Lutron to help them showcase the integration of their system with Control4.

Crestron vs Lutron vs Control4 – Which is Best?

This will exit out of RadioRA programming. Motions and well placed keypads and scenes and you’ll have zigbee matrix and all your circuits covered. My house has 4k sqft and the Contrll4 system works just fine. Added ability to replace old. It is recommended that a Lutron specialist help you with setup if you unsure how to do any of this.

After 3 seconds, the display will begin alternately flashing the Zone Number currently being programmed and U 2. It was meant to work with C4″ You should see what I went though to convince them to let me run my own low voltage and add insulation for soundproofing.

Platforms :: Control4 Drivers :: Lighting :: Lutron RadioRa Classic Control4 Driver

For more great things than bad. You won’t have the ability to program bottom press and release or luhron and triple taps. This allows a dealer to disable the ‘fade’ property when sending level updates to RadioRa. I don’t care if you choose one infrastructure or the other although c4 obviously integrates with c4 better, and doesn’t have the 30ish device limit I could care less about some functions.



Look at thermostats, intercoms, even the CardAccess now C4 stuff. Hey guys, i know there is a tonne of threads about this already, but also a lot of outdated info so I wanted to get some fresh opinions.

Rather than adjusting dimmers or switching on lamps as you enter a room a single button press on a lighting keypad switches lamps on to a level set by you — making sure your home always looks its best.

I get it, one more, is one more potential issue. I am building a new house again, and wanting to add C4 again. The range of components is more limited than the Crestron offering so more third party components have to be used for video distribution for example. If I don’t need a keypad dimmer, then I will use Caseta. Integrated heat recovery systems can distribute heat from rooms warmed by the sun to cooler areas of the home.

A huge range of interfaces allows the home owner complete control — from touch screen wall panels ,utron to remote controls and iPads — all of which are custom created to ensure easy use. But the virtual matrix built out of connects and connect Amps.

I’ve always had this bullet proof with the number of devices repeating.