Page 36 60 seconds. Do not force the print media into the single sheet feeder. Warped or curled prints can cause paper jams. Be sure to use the output tray extension before printing a Legal-size document. Page Before you start remote installation, perform the following procedures. Weight guidelines for pre-punched paper are the same as non-punched paper. Coated Low Speed Inkjet printer paper cannot be used.

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Never throw used toner cartridges into fire. The Registration Adjustment page is displayed.

Windows suggests making it the default and adding it to the homegroup; neither suggestion solved the lzser. Open the front cover by pushing the button right side and remove the jammed paper.

Just to test it, I sent it to the queue with the printer off, and the test page sat there with the status listed as “Spooling”. See “Loading Print Media in Tray 1” Use only forms and letterhead printed using an offset lithographic or engraved printing process.

One sheet at a time, set the very top print that was turned over as it is with the blank side face down, then press the Continue button. The above FAQ links open in a new window. How about the Security tab, does it show you or Everyone having print permission?


Dell 1320c – Color Laser Printer User Manual

laer I do not know if you set the printer up on copor desktop as a network printer or a local printer, but if you have not tried to set it up as a local printer, give it a go. You can also print the printer settings page by the following. Have you checked to see if there is a firewall setting that is blocking your print jobs from reaching the printer? Any upgrades in hardware, software or OS?

After that, you can check whether settings were copied to this page.

If the front cover remains open for more than three minutes, print quality may deteriorate. To change the folders, lzser Input. Do not use label sheets that have adhesive to the edge of the sheet. You can help reduce electricity usage and its side effects by turning off your product when it is not in use for extended periods of time, particularly at night and on weekends.


If the manufacturer needs to be contacted, the customer must pay an additional fee for that support. Is your desktop connected via wireless or Ethernet?

If you use paper that Dell does not recommend, use the standard paper. In the case of getting the printer installed and working, this is configuration and the customer would be responsible for paying. Confirm the amount of toner in each toner cartridge. Did you make any changes to your desktop just before you were unable to print to the printer?


IP socket mmmmm is a variable value between 0 and I opened the print queue and it’s empty. The only other thing I can think of at this time is the configuration of you firewalls.

Dell Color Laser 1320C Toner Cartridges – 310-9058 Cartridges

Press the Reset button to turn the printer back on. To specify the temperature settings value for the fuser. I have a mix of colr and wireless connections for the systems on the network.

Page 6 Customer Care – Contact information, order status, warranty, and repair information Downloads – Drivers Reference – Printer dll and product specifications You can access the Dell Support website at support.

Clean the separator roller inside the printer with a clean dry cotton swab. Also, verify that the right IP address is listed in the printer properties under ports. Push the latch es backwards to pop open the toner cartridge s that you want to replace.