The function keys seems to be get a terrible lag after a start but after a minute or two they work again as under windows 7. I even got Optimus working by following my own tutorial here , by using the mentioned Versions. I’m also facing problems with the function keys right after starting Windows 10, except for this Win10 runs quiet well on our machine. With these settings I got it to work some minutes ago. Download asus k53sv elantech touchpad driver v for windows 7 64 bit.

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[Win8.1] EEE PC 1015PN and Windows 8.1

Which version did you use and at which point did you install it? Thanks for your quick reply. You should use Version 2.

Windows 7 x Windows 8. NVidia GPU works perfectly well though.

ElanTech Touchpad Driver Driver – TechSpot

How is your Eee PC running? Don’t know why it doesn’t work out. In my case I did a full, clean install form windows 7 old windows directory was saved though in the folder windows.

I got a PN giftbecause eeee problem bad connection in a cable, inside. The machine was never a racehorse anyway and nowadays it is like very old and sick horse even with SSD inside but it does what it is asked for. I chose the Elantech Touchpad driver Version v. Sadly, installer told me that I needed to choose that after booting elsntech Windows 7 and starting the installation process there. With these settings I got it to work some minutes ago. Thanks for that little guide, I just had to refresh my pn, too and decided to go for win 8.


That got the Metro Apps working and my display from x to x I found this in a german answers. Eew Nico, I have an Asus eee pc pem. Only bug I’m left wee are wifi issues from time to time BroadcomI’m using the Windows 10 driver and will see if it gets better with the Asus driver.

My pn is only working with the basic windows 8. If the Roll Back Driver button is disabled, Windows 7 does not. One has to reboot the netboook to get it working again.

Asus Eee PC P Elantech Touchpad Driver Driver – TechSpot

Also check file permissions and stuff, could be that some stuff has to run as Eelantech. Hi Patricio, well I don’t know but it could be possible. The driver is not loaded at system start though the multi touch gestures are not working at all. Well, I am off to installing some more tools and such. WHQL — download here.


But fixing ACPI is not enough. Well I did some normal stuff like disabeling the User Rights Control Thingy – as well as I changed the Resolution of efe Display with this little hack. As a consequence the max resolution was fixed at X Elamtech assume you did get an Windows 10 Key and started from scratch and didn’t upgrade your old Windows 7: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you get it working with 4 GB, please let me know: Worked out pretty good so far. Sad, but – well.