Corrected a problem when using bitmapped TrueType fonts with variable fields database, when-printed, etc. Date and time offsets that reference another field have been disabled for cab printers for standalone. Unicode “When Printed” Fields. A Datamax printer that was connected via a USB port and also had the “Bidirectional” option set to “yes” might not function correctly. As of Version 5. When a text field marked as “Unicode Data” also has the “Report Data” option enabled, then a new Unicode tracking report is created. Enter one or more directory names separated by a “;” to be searched in case the file cannot be located in its original path.

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Number field “Price” format. You may need to upgrade your printer firmware to allow this feature to work properly. Elfron Unicode text field that is source of “when printed” now allows for a Unicode “Fixed List of Values” to be specified. Print jobs might get stuck in the print queue with a status of “Busy” or “Printing”.

TSC Printers and Code 39 barcodes. Corrected a problem in the TSC driver where the wrong command was sent for Code 39 symbols.

Eltron drivers free download software for all devices

Tharo H-Series and Standalone mode. Corrected a problem processing carriage-return CR or 0x0D and new-line NL or 0x0A characters in paragraph text fields. If a format used an ODBC database and the program options also indicated a search path, then the database table name would be corrupted. Offsets can be eltro value or a reference to another field on the label that contains the offset value.



x; This is most useful when the printer driver allows you to create a custom form name. Added support for “Julian Day” as a printer supported date format. Reseller version start-up screen.

Unicode “When Printed” Fields. The following operations are not allowed when downloading formats: Added a new feature elltron allow variable when-printed or database text fields to be left justified, right justified, or centered within the field width.

[#997] – Problem printing barcodes on ELTRON 2746 label printers

As of Version 5. Xxp and USB ports. A Datamax printer that was connected via a USB port and also had the “Bidirectional” option set to “yes” might not function correctly. NET framework version 1. When the “Log File Deletions” option was enabled, the file created may contain random garbage characters after the user ID.

On some Sato printers the command to set label width and height was not correct. You can now select the exact size for a Datamatrix symbol. Fixed a problem in the Datamax “Standard” driver where the eltronn expansion command was always using an expansion of 1.

Previously, the size was calculated based on the data to be encoded. This has been corrected.


Problem printing barcodes on ELTRON label printers | Jaspersoft Community

Tharo H-Series and Standalone mode text fields. The Reseller version now allows the selection of the “Start” version on the start-up selection screen. When downloading formats to an H-series for use in standalone printing, if the format contained date fields, these fields were sometimes downloaded as fixed text. This has been fixed for all Sato printers.

If the software is started but cannot find a local or network license, it will run in demonstration mode.

User interface elements menus, toolbars, buttons, etc. When selecting the program option “ISO Week of Year”, this did not affect the day of week calculation.

Any Windows Printer Driver. This problem has been fixed and dp are now processed normally and the print queue “printer status” now shows the correct status information. If this is not possible you can correct the problem if you un-install version 1. When downloading formats to a printer memory card, some field options are not supported.