I’m just nervous that it may not work as well, all the time, in all applications and I’ll end up with more “comms error” related support. It allows the user to send the commands from the PC’s serial port to the mount’s handpaddle DB9 port. Dave, thanks for the info. Will try on Windows 7 64 bit later. With regards to the cable length, traditionally serial cable has longer runs before a repeater is required. All the outputs from the converter will be at 3.

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It seems that you either get 3. It’s a sound point. The 5V design replicates what the synscan does so we can be confident that we’re operating within the design spec of the mount interface.

The transceiver modules themselves are 3. Connect the two cables as follows: Downloaded and install the driver from here http: However, these devices tend to be more expensive and harder to find. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Edited Eqsirect 11, by Reggie. The good news about splitting the case means that wit care it might be possible to fit one or two additional components in the rqdirect.


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Posted January 11, edited. My day job responsibilities require frequent travel. Make sure that you perform the modifications and testing while there is no physical “load” or dangling wires on your mount. Edited January 11, by 12dstring. Posted January 11, Also, the only thumb screw on the EQDir RS connector snapped and I’m reliant on friction to stop the plug falling out.

Therefore voltage drop over longer cable runs is eqirect less eqdireect an issue.

EQDIRECT-USB-DB9 – Sidereal Trading Pty Ltd

To clarify, the chip in the converter is a 3. As I recall the average actual switching level was about 1. EQ Direct Interface Products. Thus, you will need one of our interface options shown in the selector guide below to complete the link.

During this time we will be unable to ship orders, and will have no access to internet to answer emails, or provide technical support. The mount motor controller should require a minimum “high” signal of 4V min. Make sure you have a correctly built cable before connecting up your equipment.

I don’t wish to start adding transistors or owt else to it once it arrives cos I don’t know what I’m doing- it needs to be a “dummies” version for some of us.


The only drawback of the EQ Direct approach is that the electrical signals to and from the mount are not directly compatible with a personal computer. So is the Tx output to the mount just 3.

Dave, did you cut open the converter or does it bolt together? The modifications involve direct access to the stepper motor controls of your mount.

Dave, thanks for the info.


Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Also is it 5v TTL or 3. Nice find Dave, I was looking at some usb to serial boards on ebay ego china ebay shop for a similar eqvirect, yours are a bit cheaper than those.

We will be closed from December 22 to January 2. Use this information at your own risk. Safe high levels of 5V TTL devices are usually around 2.