It shows a little running-man icon on the left side while logging. This strap I can attach to my clothing. I tried out the configuration you suggested and at first it didnt work out. There is a how-to, Holux M and Arch Linux Archived on , but note that the gpsbabel command-line provided there is not correct anymore. Richard figured that out:

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Holux RCV-3000

Text of a letter I’ve written to Holux tech support regarding issues with the M It is manufactured by Holux Technology, Inc. Once entering in the timeout cycling, you can disconnect and close the app.

Still, I am grateful for the hint about the connectors on the little cap wearing out. If you instead use gpsbabel to convert the Holux-generated. The Holux RCV is not waterproof. As you can see, there wqs no real further reply here vists I still need more info to try to understand the problem.

Since there is concern with some users about suitable batteries, we can list ones that work well here:. Since I am tall, falling has to be avoided. All USB-to-Serial adapters require software drivers to operate. The unit can start logging after switching power On.


You can see that Bluetooth connection to this device are ready when you can see the blue LED on the device case is blinking. Not finding what you are looking for? Vists are reports of people managing to set the unit to log houlx points a second and lots of extra information, although 1 point per second is very good already and there should be no need for more.

This is some documentation you can use:.

When it works, to improve performance, you can increase chunk requests and you can increase the chunk size. Posted on Aug 03, Be the first to answer. Another user mentioned in private that he had the same problem.

Answered on Jun 30, Since I’m driving alone, I have to be my own navigator. Since it is hard to buy a new Holux M in India, I have been patching it, soldering it a few times now. The Windows version of the GPSBabel GUI actually has the capability of converting a waypoints file to a file containing a tracklog, but the converter complains that it found points with no time-stamp, and I haven’t bothered to figure out why.

There does not seem to be any success connecting to Windows 10 using bluetooth Oct If you have managed this feel free to explain how.


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Can somebody please post the drivers they are using for the holux gm. If that does not shed any light on the problem, I might ask you later to trace the communication with your holux device using the ‘official’ application to understand if it is doing anything fundamentally different. Plan et Index Le Glossaire. This tracklog will contain time information hilux, so you can determine the duration of your trip. Open it to start the driver install.

Additionally, since there are various Bluetooth implementations “stacks”you may have to adjust these instructions for particular software-hardware combination.

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Click on the tab “Port Settings”at the top of the “Properties” window. I did not get them with gpsbabel. I used the BT version V1. So I can gladly report that the unit has never! Use -t for download tracks, -w for waypoints. Car Navigator, Digital Video Recorder.