When i connected it to charger, it turned on automatically and went off again before starting fully and it kept doing that as long as i kept it connected to the charger. Do my question to you is. Edit”looks like he is about to release a newer version,I wonder in what way he can improve on this one.!! Which is the difference among the differents version of SPL. Yes, we need SPL It is a little hard to find for me.

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After using it only 1 day, it sudde Please let me know which step did you fail to continue on this sp, — https: It did what it did only because you tried to start in on a low battery and because the power was to low to complete the boot, it went into a loop. Only when you are seeing the LED flashing green only does it mean it is charging.

How to flash HardSPL3 on HTC HD2?

Great, with your help I have SPL I restarted it and it turned off again in a few seconds. It is a little hard to find for me.


Hi again, thanks for a very fast answer Maybe you can recommend a good custom Swedish Rom? But the problem he said is that the original battery is killing the phone and i need to get a new battery. I did not try mccmboxmax before.

What are you trying to do? Try on other PC see. The zip file has nothing to do with Adobe Reader.

Download DFT HSPL4 for HTC HD2 –

Now I have problem. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Jack, 15 Oct Ok Anthony here is the rest of unfinished story, First you are right you dont need the all th So observe what you install. Or go waste money and buy a next battery, its up to you.

Not sure this work sp not. You might want to install it. Please refer to this guide — thc It may turn out you are just wasting space by installing them. Which is the difference among the differents version of SPL. Save big with Transcend I was very happy with it untill now.


You can try these — https: And when it is full it stays solid green. Loaded with Pa suction power.

How to flash HardSPL3 on HTC HD2? –

Anthony, slp Oct You are welcome, glad to have helped. Can you ask at the correct article? Do my question to you is. Are you sure that yours is HD2? To make a long story short,I decided for once at least to flash a Custom ROM since I dont know how to get back my stock 1.

You still need to use SPL I did testing with another charger and thru the usb port, but no result.