Supplies warranties are only for defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment and are not for normal wear and tear, nor for any usage minimum. Two different Scan Stations are offered on Infoprint Model MS1 to accommodate varying levels of scanning requirements. You should purchase quality, brand name paper and products that are made and labeled for use with high speed xeroxgraphic copiers and printers. The Fujitsu MD Production Scan Station or uses dual-optic functionality to scan both sides of the document at once for faster two-sided scanning at up to 65 PPM. Prepackaged, cut-size, xerographic papers will generally meet the controlled specifications for high-speed xerographic imaging, and will not vary in quality within or between shipments or lots.

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The Standalone Digital Duplicator Solution is intended for reprographics centers and print shop applications. Cannot be installed with FN, or One scan station comes standard with the RP1 model. A inoprint of one scan station is supported per printer.

A PSO includes several features bundled together for a specific application. Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since In the US call Lexmark Telemarketing at The maximum output capacity with the Finisher and three High Capacity Stackers is 18, sheets 3, sheets with the Finisher plus 3 x 5, sheets for each High Capacity Stacker. For additional information on ordering supplies, see the Infoprint Planning and Configuration Guide G Provides an additional dolly for all models to assist in loading and unloading the high capacity stacker.


IBM Infoprint DP1 | Argecy

All current publications will be updated with technical newsletters. The Network Publisher Solution is intended for corporate reprographics centers where an attachment to the corporate network is required. In addition to these options, the NP1 can have an optional scan station standard with ingoprint RP1. Prepackaged, cut-size, xerographic papers will generally meet the controlled specifications for high-speed xerographic imaging, and will not vary in quality within or between shipments or lots.

Depending on the model and configuration ordered, the Infoprint can include a Scan Station for document scanning, a finisher and optional booklet maker for complex duplication, and a post-fuser Inserter Module for inserting printed pages into the finished document. The Infoprint is a high-end, page-per-minute, cut-sheet publishing system.

IBM Infoprint 2000 2710-DP1

Two models, MS1 and AF1, replace im previously available to offer simplification of ordering and configuration, and increased function.

Feature number is a field installable feature for Model AF1 printers that ship prior to that date and for DP1 printers that have feature number installed. The scan station requires a Windows NT workstation that must be ordered separately. Call the REAL source! A conveyor belt delivers the finished documents from the booklet maker. You will need to provide the seven-digit part number or the machine type and model number and supply type, for example, Infoprint AF1.

Its automatic document feeder accepts up to 50 sheets of 20 pound stock. Model RP1 — High speed multifunctional digital duplicator with upgradable features to include network connectivity and is aimed at the corporate reprographics centers, in-plant print shops and the print for pay market.


Call or Email for information.

Supplies for IBM InfoPrint 2000

Each installed Scan Station requires a dedicated SSC which may be purchased asoror customer supplied. The publications listed below will be available at announcement. It supports all points addressability, giving it the capability of placing data at any defined point on the valid printable area of a page. Ibk allows copied or printed sets to be offset or straight stacked.

This feature is not used to attach the first High Unfoprint Stacker. It allows trimming of the open edge of folded booklets and is usually required when the number of folded sheets is 10 or more. In addition to the three base models, IBM offers Printer Solution Offerings PSO that contain all the features for certain customer applications and may be ordered as a bundled set at a lower cost than if ordered separately.

The Xerox Datastream Solution is intended for corporate data center applications. If you use recycled paper, IBM recommends a recycled Xerographic or copy grade paper manufactured for use in high-speed printers.

The stacker is required for the booklet maker. In addition to the three base models, there are PSOs available for some models.