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You can use it on rollergall setups, but you may have to bump up the sensitivity more than on the Expert Mouse. Comments are disabled We respect your privacy.

Logitech promises 18 months of battery life for the AA-powered M; judging from Amazon reviewsthat claim seems accurate. If you don’t need a wrist rest for medical reasons, I doubt that anyone would use it for aesthetic reasons.

Before joining Wirecutter, I spent six years roklerball Lifehacker writing about technology. Otherwise, the Kensington software has the same basic features as Logitech Options and the older Logitech Control Center, and is equally easy to use. A trackball should rotate smoothly, without gritty-feeling friction. In the Kensington survey, participants who used trackballs over mice said they found them easier to control for precise movements.

Hands-On: Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball

Hands-On with the PiServer tool The new PiServer package included in the latest Raspbian x86 release provides a very powerful client management tool.

Like every other trackball we mmouse, the MX Ergo lacks fast scrolling. And many people have used thumb-operated trackballs for years or even decades with no problems.


And it has a fast-charge feature that Logitech says will give it enough juice for a full workday in a minute of charge. When the trackball is used on Windows or Mac OS X, there is a Kensington Trackball Works utility to customize the button operations and the scroll ring function.

Trackballs can be useful for people with a repetitive strain injury in their shoulder or wrist because using these devices requires different muscles than using a mouse.

To initiate Bluetooth pairing, you switch to Bluetooth mode duhand then press and hold all four buttons simultaneously.

Keep trying new things. The first really clever thing that I discovered about this trackball was the rolletball ring. Might be a little bigger than I expected, but even more functional! I’ve been waiting a long time for a new trackball from Logitech.

For this guide, I used each style of trackball for a week before assessing individual models. The one on the right is a wireless mode switch – when set to the right it is in USB 2. Why you should trust us The best finger-operated trackball: But once you get past the name, this really is a very nice and exceptionally versatile trackball. Kensington has a Department of Silly Names. To do this with xmodmap the command would be:. You can connect the MX Ergo to two computers simultaneously via Bluetooth or a Logitech Unifying dongle; using a button on top of the MX Ergo, you can swap between the computers.


The Kensington Expert Mouse Wired Trackball is nearly identical to our finger-operated pick, the wireless Expert Mouse, aside from its wired connection and different colors. Therefore, I think the source of the name is clear: Connectivity is controlled by two switches on the under-side of the trackball base.

Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball – Trackball Mouse Reviews

There is a very subtle blue LED between the left kensinggton right buttons visible in the scroll ring picture above which will start to blink when it is in pairing mode, and will go off again when pairing is complete.

The MX Ergo has a soft plastic coating with a section on the bottom right molded to fit a pinky.

Let’s start this by getting the name out of the way. Instead of using a hardware scroll ring as on the Kensington Expert Mouse and Rollegball with Scroll Ring, with the Kensington SlimBlade Trackball you have to rotate the ball to scroll, which is tough to do without bouncing the cursor around the screen. Finally, a few words about the price.

And yes, your prayers have been heard: To remove the ball, just pull it out or flip the Expert Mouse kemsington.