The downside of the fixed-focus design is some softness in subjects shot at infinity, and a restricted macro focusing range. The compact metal case and mass provided by the four AA batteries give the camera a solid heft, distinct from many of its plastic-bodied contemporaries. A brief word of explanation about the latter may be in order, as few readers will have encountered it previously: With the display off, power consumption is about average. I foresee quite a few of these little gold beauties stuffing stockings this year.

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This isn’t as close as many higher-end digicams can manage, but is adequate for typical shots of small household objects.

Lets you adjust the display brightness up or down. The downside of kldak fixed-focus design is some softness in subjects shot at infinity, and a restricted macro focusing range. My first one fell off the refridgerator and didn’t work the same after that. As is common among lower-end digicams, the optical viewfinder lacks a dioptric adjustment for eyeglass wearers.

As noted, the lens is a fixed-focus design, which means the camera is a bit quicker to snap a shot, as it doesn’t need to wait for an autofocus mechanism to complete kodk work.

Review first posted 26 November, The focal length is 29 – 58mm 35mm equivalent with a focus range of May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The DC’s flash modes include: Shutter delays averaged kkdak.


Templates can be created on your computer with the provided software, and uploaded to your camera. Consumers often resorted to makeshift solutions like the use of rubber bands or duct tape to keep batteries in the camera. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Okdak second press of the button turns it off again.

Steves Digicams – Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera

Great Digital Camera for the long haul and Easy to use! On Windows computers, Kodak’s driver software makes the camera appear as just another disk drive when you plug it into the computers serial port. Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources.

An 8 megabyte card is included with the Millennium Edition version, a 4 megabyte one with the Standard Edition. This is certainly enough for framing shots, but the LCD menu items could be a bit sharper. Regardless of which model you choose the camera is housed in a highly durable aluminum body, comes with four alkaline batteries, a serial cable, a video cable, Adobe PhotoDeluxe 3.

It should nonetheless be acceptable for typical photography of small household items. A series of icons provide several screens’ worth of menu options.

When enabled, each picture taken will appear briefly on the LCD display, with a trash can icon above the left arrow key, even if the LCD viewfinder display is turned off. We’d estimate its resolution kodaak something on the order of 70K pixels.


I have purchased some more of them because my friends wanted an inexpensive digital camera and this is the one I recommended to them and they just love them.

When either the exposure compensation or exposure lock feature is used, icons will appear in the LCD window when previewing pictures.

Kodak DC 215 1.0MP Digital Camera

Maybe the ability to adjust it in increments of 0. And we’ve packed all this functionality into a silver metal-skinned design, among the most compact on the market. The table below details power consumption in various operating modes: Review Mode Review mode on the DC provides several options for viewing your pictures.

My pictures come out great and I even do beautiful 8×10’s and they look wonderfu l. Nikon D D This makes the process of downloading images very intuitive, but can be extremely slow over the serial connection. The protective door also does not open wide enough to let you easily grab the card with your fingers.

Many autofocus cameras will simply refuse to fire if the light level is too low for their autofocus systems to work.