Help keep our servers running Problem solved after a few weeks: That should indicate it’s looking for the DLL in the wrong place it should probably tell you where it thinks it’s suppose to be. I am using advantech for Labview driver. They are looking for a DLL and can’t find it, that’s basically what’s going wrong. You have to explicitly download the bit version of LabView so if you don’t know what version you have you probably have the bit version.

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There was a software memory leak in the manufacturer DLL.

LabVIEW Portal • View topic – Support for Advantech card PCI – CAN

That should indicate it’s looking for the DLL in the wrong place it should probably tell you where it thinks it’s suppose to be. Personally I would just find out where the drivers are supposed to labvidw installed and reference the absolute location. Remember me on this computer.

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I just want to note that I often build and deploy applications that interface with a DLL to control a camera. I did a quick search of Advantech’s website and found a little information.

Visit our Post Archive. That tends to work best for my application but you mileage may very. I am using advantech for Labview driver.


Anyone have any experience with this or making standalone applications with other 3rd party drivers? Your subscription request is being processed. You didn’t give enough details to get an answer.

For starters, the measurement quality, software integration, and support make them the best buy available.

Changed my way of measuring to avoid the problem. A program like Dependency Walker can help, but generally it’s best to just have the proper installers.

I got around this by duplicating the file and adding it to the file structure again. What are you actually seeing?

Select the categories for which you would like to see messages displayed If it is your code, please provide it. It is for calibration, I am a new user of labview and I am not sure how build a configuration to acquire the lsbview on labview.

That’s the kind of place where you should not be placing DLLs. I’ve located the DLL in the advantrch 32 folder of my dev machine and I’ve copied it to multiple different locations on the remote machine.

labview using advantech dll : memory leak ? + Bluescreen – Stack Overflow

Where can I find labview example for Adam series? Sorry for the fouls of language I study in england since one month. That probably means the DLL is missing some dependency. Could you give an example of a block diagram to obtain the data of my calibration with the use of my data acquisition card?


But I am having problem using the DMA function to acquire multiple analog input channels for fast reading and accuracy. The thing thats confusing to me is that it’s seemingly only the one DLL that I need since its the only one listed in the file structure yet no matter how I configure it I still have problems. The NI forums are a great help with a wide variety of already solved problems and plenty of solutions provided.

Please read those terms and conditions carefully. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I’m guessing those are two separate LV drivers I talked about. Could you add a snippet of your code? Is there any way to make labview automatically pull the DLLs into it so that it can be installed on other machines?