Now you should be at the Darwin boot loader. I want to know what problems and need to find battery driver or not? Should be a little quicker now. It may not report the proper time remaining or any time remaining for that matter, so use at your own risk. You might want to put in a standard external Nvidia card which is guaranteed to work. Hi There, i wanted to set up a Hackintosh using i7 8cores…can u please advice me on the mother board and graphic card that work please. I used it, but after loading a few lines ?

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In my case Via chipset Driver only!

OSX86 – Leo4ALL Versão ( Download, Changelog ) | Jaccon Blog\’s

Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. After the initial boot up, I get the apple logo then loads of data is shown on screen as if its trying to instal.

Not every motherboard is fully supported by the Mac OS installation discs — some will not have the sound card functioning, etc. If you have questions on building the Hackintosh, feel free to post them here. Thanks for the advice. Alternately you can choose the stock version 1. I mean, you installed I am sure all of the readers would appreciate that.


WHat are the differences between the three?

Now im an OSx86 newbie but i know enough to say that the acronis boot selector is a very unreliable meathod of booting. Or do you also experience these unstable symptoms? Backpackr, videl has you system been running. If you already have an existing bootloader like from Vista on the same logical drive it will not overwrite it. I have tested all ports with a USB mouse and they are all working.

Hi Backpackr This is my first time comment on your website. Asus P5B delux mem: Any advice gratefully accepted.

Hackintosh 101: Part 2 – Installing the Mac OS

Create account or Sign in. You mentioned on your second leo4al that you were going to show how to install drivers after the booting. Hope to see it soon.

Juste few “device is write locked It will however flag the partition you installed to active, so you will have to manually set your Windows partition active again if needed.

  MSI 865GM2-S MS-6743G DRIVER

Everything was bigger and I could not change resolution because it only had one choice leo4wll choose from. I did see where someone got a retail ver to work. You need to mount the partion first. Asus GT mb: The default install if nothing is selected is Netkas improved version Indy depending on what hardware you use, it may work out of the box, but oftentimes it may not.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I want to partition the drive with 50gb for OS X and use the rest for storage when I leo4al vista.

First of all, you need a working Natit. Then, you boot from the DVD you just burnt. I am soon gonna buy Mac mini. How did you do that. Thanks for opening the knowledge I really appreciatte.

I formated my comp and set it to 2 partitons,anything i can do so my disks could get recognized?