The surface temperature of the bottom side was somewhat higher than at the top side. He showed genuine care and interest in my situation and that meant a great deal to me. This will invariably lead to lower battery life, but I wanted to take a look at just how big that effect is and what techniques can be used to maximize battery life. Sometimes a high-frequency cheeping can be heard in idle mode, but, only if the environment is absolutely quiet and when listening very carefully. The input devices, i. Not long afterwards, both the community liaison and an executive support representative contacted me regarding repairs.

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Review Dell XPS M1330 Notebook

Although the flexural rigidity is generally alright, also the display clearly yields under pressure. The test attested good brightness and contrast to the I was contacted a couple times regarding my order through my personal website, which was a bit surprising in of itself.

To get the accurate temperature from Speedfan, 15C was added to its readings. Even though a larger portion of the weight is distributed towards the rear of the laptop, opening the lid can still be a one-handed task.

Doom 3 and Fear run fine with low resolution and details, however, if you increase them, the built-in video card is quickly at its limit.

,1330 keyboard is fairly firm, with the slightest bit of flex if keys are pressed firmly.

Review Dell XPS M Notebook – Reviews

As well, due to the hinge design, the display cannot be opened up to degrees, instead, stopping at around degrees. So, the keyboard unit looks spacious.


Being a computer engineering student, well, my computer was a priceless tool for my studies. As a result, more power is wasted than is necessary when performing desktop activities. At an on-site service which ran smoothly where main board and the whole cooling solution were exchanged, we could get some insights of the Dell XPS M Picking up the M from a corner, even with it open, does not produce any bending, creaking or groaning from the system.

Its maximum brightness was While there is plenty of discussion about the security merit of fingerprint readers, I purchased it exclusively for the convenience factor.

Dell XPS M1330 User Review

The molding with hotkeys is right above the keyboard and nicely designed by blue LEDs. The display, a Compromises had to be made to cool the small laptop, so expect it to be rather noisy when you game.

Here you might legitimately question whether so vodeo power is reasonable for a compact notebook. To measure these values, the system was used in the indicated fashion for 10 minutes. This provides a one-two punch for power savings. Under load the fan runs clearly faster, and a noise level of about Vertical viewing angles are decidedly zp, very indicative of the TN panel that is used.

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Additionally, the brushed aluminum palm rest not only looks great, but it also ensures that there is absolutely no flex. The silver of the keyboard and palm rest complements the viceo region up the center, bordering the display.


However, Dell has decided to keep the screen at a higher level, by increasing the thickness of the bottom bezel, negating one of the advantages of the videl hinge. An intake vent is found at the top right.

For me, the ideal battery combination is viseo 6-cell for situations that might include tight, cramped locations, such as on a plane or bus, as well as a 9-cell for lots of battery life, such as during my endless university classes.

Thankfully, there is a way to save you from embarrassment. We liked the innovative design at once Fortunately, the XPS M fits even with the clearly bigger 9-cell battery in.

Everything else just screams quality. With the 9-cell, that number jumps up to 5 hours 27 minutes.

Overall the Dell XPS M can be called a special notebook which provides nearly everything one might expect from a subnotebook, without having considered the px of these demands in advance.

The keyboard is attached tightly. Not long afterwards, both the community liaison and an executive support representative contacted me regarding repairs. Only, the display could be robuster against applied forces.