I finally got frustrated and called Magellan tech support. One of the previous posters was absolutely correct in his accessment of their support system. Then why won’t it work with my OEM cord? Plan et Index Le Glossaire. It will charge while pluged in to the car adapter but won’t display while it’s pluged in. I updated the OS part without any problems.

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What Nav software and Mio do you suggest for the ? If you don’t use type A. We will give you a call as soon as a representative becomes available. The charger features an attached and ruggedized mini USB cable which will plug into the device to power and charge it.

Magellan Maestro USB Wall Charger with Attached Mini-USB Cable Two-Pack –

Pour vous guider sur la Route: I am afraid while I was pefoming that pdate it was not fll chaged. I decided to try another adapter I had around magellqn house and this fixed the problem immediately. I simply blow into the connector to make sure there is no dust particles on any of the pins. Copy those two files to your SD card.


I have been asked to send it in but I’m waiting till I have some spare cash to cover the repair cost out of warranty. Was there anything special magellaj had to do to get iGo 8 to work?

First select “Update Bootloader Erase Flash ” once that finishes it says you can press reset to get back to the boot loader menu. Plan et Index Le Glossaire.

GpsPasSion Forums – Maestro brick fix – see my post page 4 first!

Most flash sites require Flash 8 or greater now. Thanks Rich, I have a friend who has a and wanted a for a year now. Also, the Magellan charger pushes 5. It was created by Jonnycakes and edited by Skunk and myself.

Touch “APP” folder to magellsn it Only highlight it, do not open it then touch “Edit” at top and touch “Copy” Now touch twice where it has only ” I would never have figured this out if I hadn’t been reading other posts saying that the USB has one less pin. Choose YES to proceed with copying.

4250 “USB connected”Message “Problem”

And any replacement shows the same screen. Edited by – skunk on 27 mars Helpful 2 Not Helpful Comment Flag. Thank you for submitting your review! Let me look into that, because it did work on my but I just left out MP to start with, and ended up with a very RAW magellan to start experimenting mavellan. Make copies of these files before editing. Im not even sure if its charging. Now turn your unit off, and put the SD card back into your computer.


AlexV, Being that I’m currently revisiting my install procedure and possibly adding to the MP2 init scripts to better handle the specifically, I’ll have to get back to you after that: Copying all 6 files at once won’t get your anywhere because it will automatically use the 3.

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I just get the message that USB is plugged in. My Account My Orders. First off I believe that if it formatted the HDD your original magellan app is permanently gone.