So, if you wish to post out all of your operations, we need to make sure they have the same NC file name. This error is found when trying to import a Solidworks file into Mastercam. I have a computer with Mastercam 8 installed, I had to reinstall the software on a different hard drive. To use this utility: Sorry I can’t be more help. Once you hit enter, it should bring you to your color palate page where you can now select a new color for your wireframe.

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Thanks Alex for your answer. Upon clicking masteercam plus sign, you should expose 3 options, files, tool settings, and stock set-up. I vaguely remember a problem I had some years ago when I was upgrading MasterCAM v8 to v9 and upgraded the computer at the same time.

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The time now is Why did I receive an error message that says “Cannot find Parasolid data”? Is there anything you can suggest? Mastercam is well supported, call them, explain the situation. How do I update my Hasp? I would contact CNC software. Oh well, thanks mzstercam To do this, select all of the toolpaths.


I don’t know much about about the software versions for 9. Originally Posted by Ludotw. Let’s say you try to post out all of your 10 operations, however, only 2 of them post out. Go ahead and click on “files”. I have a computer with Mastercam 8 installed, I had to reinstall the software on a different hard drive. Design Solids Maintenance Info. Choose a Mastercam version from the drop down list. Hardware assisted software protection.

Mastercam on Windows XP

Of mastercak, he has the licenses for 3 seats but his Windows XP looks like to work very slow so here are some questions for some power-users in this forum: I have 9 still running on a remote box here somewhere.

The program allows the activation of Mastercam products using an activation code. You will learn quickly whats what and how to use it.

Memory at 3Gb is a problem? A general rule of thumb is that if Mastercam can’t run on the computer, it is not possible to generate a linking code.

Mastercam FAQ

You will now be asked to link your account with your Mastercam SIM. These drivers and utilities have been tested and released by the Quality Control Department.


Zip2Go files are helpful for your resellers when it comes to tech support because a Zip2Go file.

Originally Posted by stucapco. I have transferred drivers over from the working machines, I have done everything that’s been suggested, to no avail.

As of X6 there is now even a true 64 bit system. My Friend is based in south of Taiwan but matercam not speak chinese so not able to receive any Mastercam support, only in the States but they don’t understand his needs. See what they will do for you is my advise.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Yeah i’m from NY area and Italian, lol. Then, type “cd c: