Sending an Internet fax Set the document. Basic Enter the user name, then press [Enter]. F , Mfx , F Copying Highlights – Legal-size platen glass captures multipart forms, carbon papers, plastic identification cards and more. Page Polling transmission Storing a document for polling Set the document. Page Advanced fax functions Sending faxes to an e-mail gateway Set the document. Page 72 Press [Next Doc].

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Enter a shortcut name, then press [Enter]. Page – Printing a document stored in a batch bo You can enter up to numbers: Basic Selecting the file format file format You can select the file format for the scanned document.

Muratec Mfx-1450d MFX 1450 Multi Function Copier

Advanced fax functions Polling communications Polling reception: To clean the charge wire Open the front cover. See page Press [Yes] to cancel the selected command. Page Polling transmission Storing a document for polling Set the document.


Paper jammed in the feed area Open the platen cover. For details on registering call groups, see page Press [YES] and press [Enter].

Muratec MFX-1450 User Manual

Carefully remove the jammed paper. Enter the fax number. You may select a number to send to.

Page 72 Press [Next Doc]. Acceptable Paper Gateway address Contact your Muratec dealer. Please see the file attached.

Error Codes Error codes Dialing errors D. Changing the Macro key speed You can adjust the Macro key mhratec.

Page Basic Press [Comment]. The operation is transparent to the user by using the same fax interface that is used for sending a traditional fax.

Muratec America Inc. – Overview-MFX

Basic Enter the subject and press [Enter]. Page Enter your password and press [Enter]. The registration destinations will be displayed.

Page 81 Advanced Press [Advance]. The symbols that can be entered are as follows.

– Overview-MFX Brochures

Enter the shortcut name, then press [Enter]. In any standby mode, press [Other], [Macro Program], [Enter].


Page Scan to printer Jfx-1450 type Select the document type you want to scan. Set the document See page FMfxF You can enter up to 23 characters.

Instruction Pull the blue rod toward you,making sure it fully extends.